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Immigration to Canada

The service of the new arrivals to Québec

ACCOM gives directives in the domains needed by the new arriving to Québec, and having no relatives in Québec.

Our service will be through our internet site ( and the telephone; dedicated to this site (contact us at 514-448-4139)

Once in Québec, we will give the new arrival the important needed information:

1: General steps

  • After taking an apartment to live : signing a contract
  • you will need a telephone set and perhaps internet; we will give you the needed information for that : as you need to find the nearest Bell office to your home and go to sign and pay a deposit around 100 $, you will get it back after one year WWW.BELL.CA or Telephone : 514-310-BELL (514-310-2355)
  • For internet you have to choose any company including Bell Simpatico. WWW.BELL.CA or Telephone: 514-310-BELL (514-310-2355)
  • How to use the public transport ways, get information using the telephone (514-stm info) = 514-786-4636 or by internet ( Same in the Metro stations, we can get tickets and plans; metro plans and Bus plans; besides the time tables of the busses.

2: Necessary Official documents

A- Health care card

To make this card for the first time you have to go to the main office: 425 Maisonneuve West, 3rd floor Montreal; Metro place des arts exit Bleury.

You have to present: the Quebec selection certificate, the passport & visa and if you have a recent photo, if not you will pay 8$ for photo there. Note that the first three months of your arrival you are not covered by health care. It is good to make a private insurance covering these three months. Visit Website

B- Social insurance number (SIN)

To work or get loan for study you need a Social Insurance Number. The SIN is a personal ID number used by different Canadian governmental programs: Taxes, Jobs insurance To get a SIN you have to fill a form, you will receive an envelop from the immigration office in the entrance terminal (Airport, port, etc...). You present the form to an HRDC office; the nearest to you. The first time the SIN card is free.

For Pierrefonds residents = 181 Hymus at road level. You need to present the passport and immigration visa. call 514-873-2245 for more question or go to the website

C- Driving licence

To drive in Canada you need a driving license. You pass the driving licence in the SAAQ. For a first time it will be in 855 Henry Bourassa West, for Montreal zone. Then in any place near your home, (ex.: west island = Dorval). You will need to present the “selection de Quebec” certificate, passport and visa, your original driving license from Egypt, translated to French or English, besides the Arabic one. And you will have to phone to have an appointment; 514-954-7771, or 514-873-7620.

Then you pass a theoretical exam, then a road test and if everything is correct you get a driving license. A frequent question you can think about: what can I do till I finalise these steps. You are allowed to drive with an international driving license for three months. Then you can use the public ways: Metro (underground), Bus etc.. On the following site you’ll find a test on the theory of driving in the two official languages (French & English).

D- Prepare CV and search job

Arriving to Canada you are invited to a session of half a day to inform you about the main keys to live in Canada. After that you have to proceed for the above mention documents. Then you will go to an office (CLE) near your residence.-Employment local center, or Centre local d’emplois - In this office you will attend a training; to prepare your CV, to be trained on interviews, how to search jobs: papers, internet, cold calls etc…

They will ask you to prepare proofs supporting your CV: Languages, education certificates (Equivalence), experience certificates if any, references...

CV preparation, job search, go to government information sessions.(CLE) In west island you’ll find the CLE at 1000 Boulevard St Jean 4th floor. Then the Canadian equivalence of the university or scholar diplomas, we can get an equivalence to all our secondary certificates and up (university, masters doctorates …) for the whole 105$; In West Island You have the office at 181 Hymus ;second floor.

Advices for to be ready for job search:

  1. Language study, French is essential for Quebec

    The immigration offices and the French centers besides the schools, cegeps & universities offer it. In West Island there is Hymus center 181 Hymus second floor add also two centers on Goin West.

  2. CV preparation due to the needed profile

    You will need to prepare several types of CV’s. As each job needs certain qualifications, that’s why you have to highlight the qualifications you have which responds to the job request. You can deduce that you have to revise your CV each time you apply for a certain Job. That’s true.

    Searching a job is a full time job. You have to go through all the tools you have at your disposal. Internet, news, papers, cold calls, your network (friends, community site, relatives, neighbors...)

E- Professional Orders

Some specific and professional jobs need from candidates to be registered in a professional order: like engineering order, scientific etc...

How to contact the orders? You’ll have to go to the order site. Ex. pharmacists order; go on the internet and check ( there you will find all the needed procedure for how to register. This is a very easy search in Google you put the order name then go in the site.

3: Education

The following sites explain Quebec education system, in English and in Arabic. Of course you will find the Accueil, Elementary and Secondary scholar system.

Les commissions scolaires de Montréal

Commissions scolaires francophones:

Commissions scolaires anglophones:

Commission scolaire de Laval


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