Thursday April 19 , 2018
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The Egyptian National Council for Women regarding the real egyptian revolution


NCW Protest Western Media Bias

Against the People’s Revolution

Since Egyptian women suffered the most during the last regime, the National Council for Women (NCW), as the official authority responsible for the empowerment of women in Egypt, is obliged to clarify certain flawed facts concerning  the 30th of June demonstration which some Western media coverage had referred to as coup d'état.



First, we found it outrageous that some Western media described the biggest demonstrations in history of more than 30,000,000 Egyptians as a coup d'état for the following reasons:

- Coup d'état is known as a sudden decisive exercise of force to overthrow or alternate an existing government by a small group and this is not the case in Egypt.

- The military announced publically and clearly, before the peak of the demonstrations, that a week time period is given to politicians to respond to the demands of the people.

- Another 48 hour period was given on the 30th of June to solve the political crises otherwise they will be responsible to draw the road map needed for the future. But there was no response from the authority.

- The military took the decision of giving the power to the high constitutional court. This people's will represents the legitimacy of any democratic country.

- The demonstrations were all about people's will that has been organized since the establishment of Tamrod "Rebel Campaign" in Many 2013 which gathered 22 million signatures.

- It is a civilian revolution that represents the great majority of the people, not only in Tahrir square or in front of Itahadya Palace, but in all governorates. According to BBC, this is “the largest number of protestors in a political event in the history of mankind.”

- The Egyptian people took off to the streets to overthrow Muslim brotherhood’s fascist regime. They stood all united for 4 days; men and women, Muslims and Christians. It is only the intensive and genuine feelings of anger of Egyptians that led to the overthrown of Morsi.

- The military backed the majority of the people as usual to avoid civil war that would have occurred due to the violence retaliation threats given to anti Morsi protesters from the pro Morsi protesters.

- The Army chose to protect a peaceful revolution led by young Egyptians and followed by millions of people all over the country.

Second, Mohamed Morsi and the Western media emphasized on the so called "constitutional legitimacy" but in fact Morsi is the one who toppled his own legitimacy. Since he stepped to power, all his decisions were against democracy and legitimacy.

- None of the demands of the 25th January revolution were accomplished.

- There was a clear deterioration politically, socially and economically.

- There was an exclusion of Christians, opposition parties and women from politics as well as from vital sectors such as health, education and job opportunities.

- Egyptians witnessed a year full violations of human rights and broken promises, it was not surprising that people demonstrated and called for Morsi's ousting.

Third, Western media proved a lack of transparency and coverage of what was really happening. It took a biased approach when focused only on Morsi supporters demonstrations, while neglecting the demonstrations of millions of people against Muslim Brotherhood's regime all over Egypt. This media ignored the effective contribution of Egyptian women who most suffered from this regime.

Finally, after witnessing millions of Egyptians all over the country, full of anger and enthusiasm, and the love of their country that led them to rebel, it cannot be said that the democracy is only derived and limited to the elections.

Egyptians clearly refuse their revolution to be entitled "a coup d'état" ignoring the Egyptian’s demands and will.



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